Where do you belong ?

With the new school year just a few weeks old, you will read as many and varied answers from children, mothers and even school authorities to the questions- who is a father? List types of fathers you know? Let’s not take to the trouble to outline replies to the first question. A father, according to many sources, is defined as a male parent who bigots a child or raises up one that is not his biologically.

“Empowering parents.com” adds that a father is a guide and teacher. Going by the different experiences lived by our voxpop respondents, types of fathers include “God the father”, “Reverend father”, “Loving father”, “responsible father”, “strict father” and “corrupt father”, among others. Children of school going age who, for reasons not linked to security, are yet to receive formal education will surely tag their genitor( s) as “irresponsible”. Seven types of modern fathers, according to a research conducted by “womenosophy.com”, steal kids’ happiness.

A “busy bee dad” is always hyper occupied, but tries to devote time and attention to their kids. Children who grow up with hearts overwhelmed with a feeling of resentment is attributed to an “invisible dad”. Grim-faced and always complaining men aka “chronically unhappy fathers” don’t impart emotional support to kids. “Nurse dads” cherish their children like the apple of an eye and cater to their every whim like mothers or grandmas. If your priority is to bring up well-mannered, intelligent and disciplined children regardless of everything, then you are called an “authoritarian dad”.

Also on the list are “psychologist dad” and “bodyguard dad”. Children are a reflection of their father’s parenting styles. You reading, where do you belong in this category of fathers? If you consider yourself in the wrong category, take immediate action(s) to change your parental style and significantly improve the quality of your offspring’s life.


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