Geo William Masso tribute to fallen makossa hero

I am currently working on my 7th album and I think it may be the last. Recording has started, but I cannot tell for certain when we will finish…

Many of my friends and colleague artists have died. Who knows tomorrow? Let’s pray God keeps me alive so that we can continue to listen to Geo Masso,” these were the words of fallen makossa icon, Geo William Masso, in an exclusive Interview granted SOPECAM’s “Weekend Sports et Loisirs” Magazine early February 2018 in Yaounde. God heard his prayer. In fact, the 67-year-old artist drilled the older generation of fans at Bistrot Cabaret in Tsinga and days later, it was the turn of the youth of Zoum village in the South Region on 11 February. 

Whether in Yaounde or Sangmelima, spectators joined him sing and dance “Sonia”, “Tondo Nde Mba” and “Lolita”, hit and nostalgic makossa numbers of the 1980s and 90s. In appreciation, men like women rained banknotes on him. In the same way he was celebrated while alive, he was paid tribute in his coffin. In a telephone interview with Nicole Mara, singer and member of the funeral organizing committee in Douala, said a grand wake-keep concert starring over 50 musicians of different generations will be staged near the deceased Geoffroy William Masso Mpessa’s (real) residence in Bonaberi on 30 November evening.

The Douala elite, who died at the Douala Military Hospital on 30 October, from a protracted illness will be buried in Bonaberi on Saturday, 1st December 2018. The polygamist lives behind 13 children and 8 grandkids to mourn him.


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