Besides knowing how to tickle, the 41- year-old indigene of Mbengwi in the North West Region is a formidable movie actor. “The Golden Academic Award” clinched in Ghana recently confers Alenne Menget the status of “Best African Actor.” With his movie “A good time to divorce,” the Came - roonian beat Nigerian and Ghanaian movie celebrities in the race. Other international recognitions are forthcoming.

On 8 December 2018, the son of late John and Esther Menget will be crowned NELAS (Nollywood, Entertainment and Leadership Awards) “Best Male Actor of the Year” in the United Kingdom for the film titled “Compatible.” Asked what edge he had over reputable African competitors, Alenne Menget said “my versatility makes me an adorable artist.

I’ve been able to stand out in diverse roles- the pastor, the gangster, the village headmaster, the elder, the gateman, the bush faller etc. More importantly, I’m the only Cameroonian who has done two major and opposite roles in one movie with different backgrounds, voices and accents.” Alenne Menget vividly recalls he has acted, so far, in about 25 films (“Sacrament”, “Return to Batibo”, “Viri”, “Viral Squad”, “Man pass Man”, “My Gallery”, “Rumble” inter alia) starring and featuring popular actors in the likes of Jim Iyke, Ukwa, John Dumelo and Stella Damasus. He has equally collaborated with renowned movie directors notably Nelson Spark and Michael Paris.

Via his Doualabased company “Alenne Too Strong (ATS) Productions”, the bulky guy is a movie maker, director and one of the country’s leading producers of documentaries (over 230), some of which have been broadcast on the CRTV. “Scoop Newspaper” commended this prowess with the “Best Documentary Award 2018”....Lire la suite


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