Remember Luc Angoula Nanga: A funeral full of emotions

Tributes and adjectives to describe Luc Angoula Nanga (LAN) during the funeral of the Cameroon News and Publishing Corporation (SOPECAM) journalist, one year after his death, were abound. Some provoked laughter, others triggered tears to run down the cheeks of mourners, who turned out at the Yaounde V Council hall in Essos on 23 November 2019.

Relatives from Nanga Eboko, SOPECAM colleagues, friends and sympathisers separately said late LAN was respectful, generous, humble, calm, discreet, reserved, strict, exigent, and an exceptional human interest reporter. “I was financially broke one December and at the time I least expected, Luc Angoula Nanga surprised me with a 25000 FCFA donation.

LAN was not only a colleague, he was a brother,” Roger Owona, Editor-in-Chief of SOPECAM’s magazine department (DRM), recalled. On his part, His Majesty Akono Ndouma, the deceased’s uncle, said “shortly before his death, he called me and announced he was retired. He sought to know if there was land available in the village on which he could build a house. I said yes, come fast, the entire family is eager to see you and your family…

It’s a pity that what followed our discussion was news of his sudden death and burial in Yaounde.” “Zael d’Afrique” dance group wiped the melancholic mood that had gripped mourners with traditional music and dance styles from Cameroon’s four cultural zones. Gloire à Dieu gospel choir sang, and a Catholic Priest prayed for the repose of the soul of Luc Angoula Ananga, who passed away last year leaving behind two orphans.


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