The multi-talented artist claims cinema hasn’t fetched him money, but admits it has given him fame, made him travel widely and made him meet important world figures. ATS Production’s CEO has better plans for young movie stakeholders, especially local actors. With “BT Media,” a laudable entertainment TV channels project, Cameroon will create lots of movie stars.

No matter how small the financial harvest may be, Alenne Menget extends his largesse to the needy including the sick and orphans. When it comes to love, particularly marriage, the best “Ni” says is “I’m single, I’m a father of an 11-year-old daughter based in the USA. The holder of a First Degree in History and a diploma in Investigative journalism, however, prays for a wife who will understand him.

The journalist and singer that he also is would certainly spoil the wife to-be on the table with his cooking skills. His ride to the top has not been smooth. In times of adversity, his consolation is the adage “stones are only thrown on good mangoes.”


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