AFRIMMA 2018 : Daphne crowned queen of Central Africa

Njie Efundem, popularly known as Daphne, has inscribed Cameroon’s name in the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA 2018) record books. The 29-year-old indigene of Buea in the South West Region was crowned best female music star in Central Africa. That was during the 5th AFRIMMA Awards that took place in Dallas, Texas on 7 October 2018.

The award, music critics say, is a recognition of Daphne’s dynamism in music. She has ingeniously been able to blend Pop, Afro-Pop music, Afro-Beats, Reggae, Makossa and Urban Music. Speaking to the media after the event, the laureate said the award is a dream come true. She is also upbeat the award will open more doors of opportunity for her, especially at a time when her entertainment services are solicited by all and sundry.

 “Music is my life and passion, so I believe I’m getting there slowly but surely…,” she added. “Work hard, play hard” is the secret of her success. In only three years of music, Daphne has successfully won the sympathy of fans lithered across the globe with songs like “Calée,” “My lover,” “Promets moi,” “Ndolo ft Ben Decca” and “Jusqu’à La Gare.” The stage goddess, as she has been nicknamed, will no doubt further elevate Cameroon’s Music Industry.



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