Not even the euphoria that surrounded her election as Miss Cameroon 2020 will change her roots. Audrey Nabila was born in Tiko and she is the eldest of four children born to Bali Nyongha parents. Her father, a worker at the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) and mum, a government school teacher, gave her sound education. She was assiduous and always aimed for the honours roll.

After primary education in Pendaboko, near Muyuka in the South West Region, Audrey Nabila Monkam got admission into PGSS Limbe, scoring 11 papers at the GCE ordinary level examination. She opted for Marketing in high school at REPACOL Mutenguene, where she passed in 5 Advanced level GCE subjects. The University of Buea was the place to be for tertiary studies and she graduated, in 2015, with a First Degree in Banking and Finance.

Shortly after, she was absorbed into the job market, working first with the Tiko Council and later with a consulting firm in Buea. But the security crisis rendered her jobless when the firm shutdown. Miss Cameroon has now offered her a juicy, but daunting job. Asked if her new status would not change her person, Audrey Nabila answered in the negative. “I’m the same person, but with new obligations. Many people tell me I’m well brought up. I wouldn’t overnight become wayward…” the damsel, who is a veritable example of living together, told this reporter.


More than ever before, Miss Cameroon Audrey Nabila Monkam would have to solve difficult love equations from men who have fallen prey to her physical and mental beauty. Solving the equation, according to Nabila Monkam “will depend on men’s intentions when they approach me. Any man, for instance, who talks about marriage would have to wait because I got a lot of work giving my new status. But this doesn’t imply that like every young woman, I don’t think of marriage.

” Here are hints for prospective suitors. Know that the “pearl” called Audrey Nabila has good taste for wine and champagne. Singing, dancing, laughing and escapades constitute her hobbies. “Garri and eru” is her favourite dish. On the other hand, cheating, lies telling and injustice cause her to frown. Beware, she is easy to tears!


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    Born: 1st April 1995

    Place of birth: Tiko, South West Region

    Siblings: Eldest ...

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