Born: 1st April 1995

Place of birth: Tiko, South West Region

Siblings: Eldest of four children

Father:CDC worker

Mother: Teacher


Primary School

Class 1 to 6:At “Fogopans” Pendaboko near Muyuka, South West Region

Class 7: Koil Bilingual Institute (KBI), obtained FSLC

Secondary School

PGSS Limbe, obtained GCE ‘O’ Level in 11 papers

Repacol Mutenguene, passed in 5 GCE ‘A’

Level subjects


2015: First Degree in Banking and Finance, University of Buea


Worked at Tiko Council

Worked at a Consulting firm in Buea


Miss Seme Beach 2017

Miss Earth 2018

1st runner-up Miss Arts and Culture 2016

Miss Cameroon 2020


The race to the coveted 2020 Miss Cameroon beauty crown was highly competitive. At every stage of the contest, ranging from beauty parades in different attires to public speech, anxiety gripped the twenty candidates, who represented Cameroon’s ten Regions, as the international jury attributed marks. The number of contestants dropped from 20 to 11, and then to a final shortlist of six. Another highpoint of the 14th Miss Cameroon Beauty contest, attended by senior dignitaries including the Minister of Arts and Culture, Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mkpatt, was the announcement of the winner.

The Yaounde Sports Complex, venue of the ceremony, which was jammed to capacity with spectators went silent. Suspense filled the air! Then, deafening cheers and screams accompanied the disclosure of the name Audrey Nabila Monkam as Cameroon’s most beautiful lady in 2020. Such unanimous outburst of excitement was interpreted as the people’s choice, the candidate of consensus. Audrey Nabila Monkam’s enigmatic smile, elegance, physical and intellectual charm, as well as her campaign to foster social cohesion, evidently caught the public’s attention throughout the event.

Surprised and overwhelmed by the jury’s verdict, tears ran down the cheeks of the North West Region’s candidate. Her dream became reality. “The emotion was unbearable, I cried! At each elimination phase, my code numberl (7) was called last. The last became the first… (laughs). I was elated. But I must admit the other competitors were pretty, intelligent and had enticing projects… Discipline gave me an edge over them,” the 24-year-old beauty queen told “Nyanga” Magazine in an exclusive interview recently. Telephone calls and messages of congratulations, from far and near, got her phone frozen. Impossible to reach Audrey Nabila.

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