“Nobody Can Take Your Destiny”

Since June 2020, Druscilla Mokosso Joki made her entry into the closed circle of female editorialists (only five) at the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV). She cried, prayed and threw a party to celebrate not only her promotion, but also her 39th birthday on 12 July in Yaounde. Her appointment, which she attributes to 14 years of grueling work, is a victory for the young career woman. The CRTV prime time bilingual news presenter is an example of professional rigour, emotional stability and loyalty.

“Many are called, few are chosen,” goes a biblical quote. Druscilla Mokosso Joki, 39, was among the few female CRTV journalists to be admitted into the coveted but reserved rank of Editorialists. That was one of the resolutions of CRTV’s board meeting of June 2020. Her promotion to the summit of the journalism professional ladder sparked strong emotions. “I cried, said a one minute prayer of gratitude to God when I heard the news on radio while driving,” the 5 to 6pm bilingual radio news presenter said. 

Asked if her captivating radio voice that grips listeners and her 14 years of service with the national broadcaster were enough to deserve the appointment, the indigene of Fako Division, South West Region said “it’s the wage of grueling work. I could sacrifice much for work. I work from morning till night without complaining… If I didn’t deserve it, I wouldn’t have had it. Nobody can take your destiny. If you were meant for a particular thing, you will be it.

God works in mysterious ways.” For gossips who may be attributing her recognition to a recommendation from somebody in government, the Baptist Christian has an answer. “I have a God Father. He is the God Father of all god fathers.” Her professional status has changed, but she’s uncomfortable with titles. “Please, call me Druscilla.” How she got there? In 2002, Druscilla graduated with a “double certificate.”

She gave birth to a baby boy and a week after, she graduated with a First Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC), University of Buea. Two years later, she tied the nuptial knot. She volunteered at Eden Radio and Ocean City Radio in Limbe before being successful at the 2006 CRTV recruitment test. From cub reporter, the beautiful Bakweri lady was made senior reporter in 2018, and appointed Chief of Service for CEMAC News at the Radio, a position she still holds.

Her father, Samuel Efunde Mokosso (mechanic) and mother, Namondo Ruth Mokosso (retired secretary), just as her four siblings, admit “Mami” (Druscilla’s pet name), was a troublesome child. “I was like a Tomboy. I played football, I fought with mates,” the product of government primary and secondary schools in Limbe (birthplace) recalled. On the table, Druscilla likes good food. Fried ripe plantain and fish accompanied with a bottle of Guinness is her favourite.

2015 was a dark year. Druscilla’s darling kid brother died in a car crash in Nyom, where she resides. “Follow your passion. Love what you do. If you don’t like journalism, don’t get into it because you will be frustrated.” This is her advice to young career women, who consider her a role model. For more insights on the guest, turn to “woman’s corner”.


The wife “I’m a wife since 2004 when I got married officially to Jacques Pascal Joki, a Francophone from the Littoral Region. I met my husband, a civil engineer, during my second year in the University of Buea. If I had to choose 100 times again, it will be Joki. I think I wouldn’t have risen to this height without this charismatic guy. He was Godgiven to me.


At home, I’m trying to be a submissive wife. To make this Sawa man happy, I cook him nice food and … (laughs). In return, he pets me.” The mother “After 16 years of marriage, God has blessed us with five beautiful and handsome babies. My children, just like my sweet heart, would say I’m a strict, a tyrant mother. I’m a maniac when it comes to cleanliness.

I detest laziness and people who grumble all the time. I have learnt to control that inner person in me that wants to scream when I’m angry. But I think I’m also a soft mother. When I’m happy, I spoil the children. We tell stories, we sing and dance in the house. Sincerity, purity of the heart and the fear of the Lord are some social values I inculcate in my offspring.” The cook “You may be asking how I manage all my responsibilities- CRTV Editorialist, wife, mother and Christian. One must have a group of people to fall back on for support.

I must say God has given us helpers in all dimensions. Helpers for the house, helpers for the kids. Inasmuch as I’m busy and I got helpers, I do the cooking myself at home. My husband loves fish, Ndolé, okok as well as staple meals from the South West Region like “Kwacoco bible,” “Kwacoco and Mbanga soup.” Sexual harassment “Being in the journalism profession for over 15 years, I can’t deny the fact that sexual harassment has not happened.

Men in my work place are noted for looking at women, especially those with big breasts and buttocks, and laugh. They used to call me ‘the president of the club’. I had to speak out for what was seen as fun to stop. Don’t vilify my body parts because that’s sexual harassment. Using your body to get what you don’t have is prostitution. That mindset should be thrown to the dustbin. A woman is not a sexual object, she’s a partner in development drives.”


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