At 53, Douglas Achingale has enriched the shelves of libraries and bookstores with a must-read play entitled “Inclusive Education: The Way to Go”. In 106 pages, the playwright wittily tells the story of an able-bodied job seeker for four years, who finally gets a well-paid teaching job in an inclusive school, featuring both able-bodied and disabled children. Although the gentleman initially calls teaching his passion, he is disgusted by what he calls the "weird" attitudes of children he teaches. Owing to their condition, he refers to them as witches, wizards, demons, etc.

One fateful day, a child with autism meets him on campus, removes a sanitary pad from beneath her pant and flings it at him. He considers this to be witchcraft, flees the campus never to return again. He's replaced by another ablebodied teacher, a former pupil of the school. The runaway teacher, on the other hand, is recruited elsewhere to transport huge loads on his head and back, which causes him to take ill soon after.

Thus, he abandons that job too. Social Affairs Minister, Paul i n e Irène Nguene, who wrote the foreword of “Inclusive Education: The Way to Go”, described the author as “a keen observer of society, a passionate teacher, a forward-looking counsellor, an empathetic therapist, an incontestable humanist, and a master storyteller”. In an interview to “Nyanga” Magazine, Douglas Achingale, author of four other books, said “I was motivated by the stigma, wrong perceptions, and prejudices that so-called ablebodied people hold against persons with disabilities. The latter have talents, potentials and abilities which if developed will help in their empowerment as well as the development of their society”. The book was officially launched on Tuesday, 18 August 2020 at the Yaounde City Council Hall. A copy costs 3000 FCFA.

On 14 July 2019, Douglas Achingale entered the annals of history as the pioneer person with a disability to become deputy Director General of the Cardinal Paul Emile Leger National Centre for the Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities. The indigene of Lebialem and Ndian Divisions, South West Region holds a Master’s Degree in British Literature from the University of Yaounde 1, and a diploma in social welfare administration from the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM). He is married and a father of children.